Ya Allah Mujhe Bacha

Ya Allah Mujhe Bacha

Aisi Neend Se Jis Se
 Fajr Ki Namaz Qazaa Ho

Aisi Masrufiyat Se Jis Se
 Zohar Ki Namaz Qazaa Ho

Aisi Susti Se Jis Se
 Asar Ki Namaz Qazaa Ho

Aisi Mehfil Se Jis Se 
Maghrib Ki Namaz Qazaa Ho

Aisi Thakawat Se Jis Se 
Ishaa Ki Namaz Qazaa Ho

Ameeen Ya Rabbul Alameen

Ya Allah ! 
surely we have heard a preacher calling to the faith, 
saying: Believe in your Lord, so we did believe; 
Ya Allah !
 forgive us therefore our faults, 
and cover our evil deeds and make us die with the righteous.

Ya Allah ! 
grant us good in this world and good in the hereafter,
 and save us from the chastisement of the fire. 
Ya Allah ! 
Accept From Us ;
Surely Thou Art The Hearing, The Knowing

Aapki Dua Ki Talib
Mrs Rubina Yasmeen

Just trun to ALLAH

Turn to ALLAH:

When you have a terrible day
You just want to scream
just turn to ALLAH

When your feeling so down
you have lost all hope
just turn to ALLAH

when your feeling betrayed
you just want to curse
just turn to ALLAH

when you can't see a way out
of a terrible situation
just turn to ALLAH
when your feeling like
you have no self esteem
just turn to ALLAH

 ._________sonya kh____________sonya kha
______sonya khansony_______sonya khansonya
____sonya khansonya kha___sonya khansonya kha
___sonya khansonya khansonya khanso_______sony
__sonya khansonya khansonya khanso_________sony
_sonya khansonya khansonya khansonya _______sony
_sonya khansonya khansonya khansonya khan______s
khansonya khansonya khansonya khansony__son
sonya khansonya khansonya khansonya khansonya k_s
sonya khansonya khansonya khansonya khansonya kha
sonya khansonya khansonya khansonya khansonya kha
_sonya khansonya khansonya khansonya
khansonya k
sonya khansonya khansonya khansonya khansonya
____sonya khansonya khansonya khansonya khanso
______sonya khansonya khansonya khansonya k
_________sonya khansonya khansonya khans
____________sonya khansonya khansonya
khansonya khan
_________________sonya khanson
___________________sonya kha

Daughters Of Prophet PBUH

Ya Allah Mujhe Bacha

Awwal Allah Noor Upaya Qudrat Keh Sub Banday

The Honorable Wives Of Prophet PBUH


6-Juwairiyah Bint Al-
Harith  R.A
She Is  Barrah Bint Al-Harith   Bin Abu Dirar   Bin Judhaimah
She Was One Of Captives Taken On the Day Of The Battle Of Banu Al-Mustaliq, Which Took Place in The Year 5A.H. She Was The Wife of Musafih Bin Safwan.

The Blessed Marriage

Among The Captives Taken When The Muslim Defeated Banu Al-Mustaliq Was A Women So Beautiful That Any Man Who Saw Her Could Not Help Being Struk By Her Beauty.
When The War Booty Was Divided Up,
Barrah Who Was Twnety Five (25) Year Old 
Fell To the Lot Of Thabit Bin Qais Bin Ash-Shammas. 
She Attempted To Save Herself From The Humilition Of Captivity And The Shame Of Slvery. 
For She Was The Daughter Of The Leader Of Her People. 
By making An Agreement To Buy Her Freedom From Thabit Bin Qais.
Then She Went To The Messenger Of Allah S.A.W And Sought An Audience With Him And Upon Entering His Presence, 
She Said To Him " O Messenger Of Allah ! 
I Am Barrah Bint Al-Harith Bin Abu Dirar, 
Who Is the Leader Of His People And I Have Been Seized By The Calmity Of Which You Are Aware.
I Have Made An Agreement To Purchase My freedom,
So please Help Me To Meet The Terms Of Agreement . 
The Messenger Of Allah Sallalahu Alaihe Wassalam  Said 

" Shall I Tell You Of A Better Plan Than This ? 

" She Said What Is It ? 
The Messenger Of Allah S.A.W Replied : 
" I Will Pay The Price Of Your Freedom And I Will Marry You "
She Said : Yes 
The Messenger Of Allah S.A.W 
" It is Done " 
The Blessed Marriage Was Completed And Barrah Became One Of The Mother Of The Believers. 
After Consummating The Marriage 
The Prophet S.A.W Named Her Juwairiyah

" Strength Of Her Faith "
Juwairiyah R.A Was A Sincere Believer 
Who Fasted Much And Frequently
Spent Her Nights In Prayers 
She Was A Pious Worshipper 
Who devoted Herself To Pleasing Allah, 
The Most High And His Messenger Sallalahu Alaihe Wassalam

" Her Death "
Juwairiyah R.A Died In The Year 56 A.H,
Aged 65 years And She Was Buried In Al-Baqee Cemetery, 
Along With The Other Mother Of The Believers.

Aaye Allah Humari iss Qidmat Ko Qabool Farmana
Aur is Mail Ke Likhne Me Jo Koi Bhi Ghalti Hui Hai Toh
Aaye Mere Maalik Mein Tujh Se Raham Chahti Hoon
Aur Tujh Se Maafi Ki Talabgaar Hoon
Ameeen Ya Rabbul Alameeeeeen

Aapki  dua  ki  talib

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