Happy New Year 2016

Everybody are waiting for the new year 2016 day and its just few hours left. All round the world celebrate this day with special way. Many people busy on sending wishes and greetings to their relatives and friends. Spanish people also celebrate this day with special occasion. Here we share with you a Happy New Year 2016 Greetings in spanish languages for sending on whatsapp, facebook, google+ and mobile.

Happy New Year 2016 Greetings Ecards HD
Happy New Year 2016 Greetings Ecards Free Download

nyaa saal sab ko khushiyaa hi laye .

Hindi New Year SMS

2011 to 2012 :: Happy New Year

Make today a special day.
Let your worries drift away.
Relax in the tub.
Light a candle.
And smile, because there's nothing
you can't handle.
Treat yourself to a favorite dream;
let it lift your spirit
and mend the seams.
Love yourself and
take pride in being you,
because there's no limit
to what you can do.
Celebrate today
because you're free,
able to follow your dream
and be whoever you long to be.

God opens millions of flowers
without forcing the buds,
it reminds us not to force anything
for things happen in the right time.

As time goes on,
The taste of relations increases.
Either it becomes more Sweet or More Sour
And that depends only on what we add 2 it DAILY!!

To�You and your family
Wishing you a wonderful�
Chocolatesnew month and a happy new year in advance.�

Cubicles�too hard but work smart. �May your boss appreciate you and say�Thumbs Up��Good Job.�
Take care of yourself�
Dreaming. � �Pamper yourself and buy some beautiful�ShoppingWedding Dress.�
Don't worry coz ��
Dollar�will come from above. � May you also purchase �or change a�House� and a�Car. May the days ahead be busy but easy�Watching The Clock, �Relax� and �goCruisingPilotaround the world. � It's important to have good health, �therefore, eat more�AppleBroccoliCarrots� and�Corn, but not too much�Fat��Fat Guy.�
Do remember to�
Tennis�at least once a week. � �Don't�Good Vs Evil�with your sweetheart, and be generous to say�Hug And KissI Love You.
Here's wishing you well in December 2011�Agingand best wishes to all your�Family Portrait��in the coming year 2012...!
BYE BYE 2011 - WELCOME 2012

Manoj Rai

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