• When we think to express our love we think about shayari, when we think about affection and care ofcourse, we think about shayari so this is for sure that shayari is somewhere connected to our heart and our deep emotions. Shayari can say everything in its own beautiful way.

  • Shayari give us strength to say what we want to say and it gives words to the feelings but this is also true when we want the most appropriate shayari it becomes tough to find it. So now we can say you are at the right place at right time on this Beautiful Shayari Blog you will be getting shayari on every possible topics you can think of like shayari, hindi shayari, love shayari, shayari sms, funny shayari, urdu shayari, mohabbat-e-shayari, dard shayari, romantic shayari & kinds of shayari.

  • This Beautiful Shayari Blog is for all of you and by you. You will share your thoughts in your way with your friends or your would be freinds. Shayari forum is a very beautiful concept to share the beauty of thought. So dont waste your beautiful thoughts and shayaris but share them with us so that world can see your thinking and truly in your way. We provide a platform where you can share your shayari with world.

  • Just join and be the member of the blog to show this world what you have in you not only this but you can appreciate your friends and can share there creations too. If you are creative and you can see whats others can't this is the right place for you. The running waterfall or a changing season, a singing bird or a cold breeze all these things are a part of shayari and its magical world. Sometimes we feel someone is inside us and this happens when we are in love but we cant express at that time romantic and love shayaris work for us and when we have to apologise to our friend for something wrong done but not able to say dosti shayaris say it all for you.

  • If you are in mood of fun then funny shayaris will make you laugh and if the days arelow sad shayaris will share in your bad time too. We have a collection of shayaris too which can make your friends laugh in a moment through a sms by you and you are gonna be everyones favourite but to get all this may i repeat be the member join & subscribe for free in the group & blog.

  • So dont miss this beautiful joy ride and come to the Beautiful Shayari world with full of love and affection. Its your own space and place where you can be yourself and can make new friends too.

  • Hope you had best time with the group, this group will send you any information if you need beside shayari so please write to the owner what type of mails you like to have.
     You are sending me your poetry, poem, shayari etc. on our mail ID & I am publish your Shayari to Group, Blog & Other Sites. So Please Join Our Beautiful Shayari Network.
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